Closure of Welbeck - The Defence Sixth Form College


On Monday the 11th March the Government announced the closure of the Defence Technical Officer and Engineer Entry Scheme (DTOEES).  As the first stage of the Scheme, Welbeck - The Defence Sixth Form College will be closing in July 2021 with September 2019 entry being its last.


Defence is fully committed to encouraging and recruiting high quality STEM graduates into the Armed Services and Defence Civil Service and DTOEES will be replaced by a new STEM graduate scheme which will improve Defence’s ability to do this.


The improved scheme will be designed to significantly increase the number of STEM graduates brought into Defence as well as their diversity and the breadth of STEM disciplines they come from to include cyber and emerging technologies drawn from universities across the UK.  Students will enter the scheme at a more mature point in their lives, with proven academic potential and at any stage during their time at University.  A small number of School scholarships may still be available, where appropriate, using existing single Service schemes.


There will be a 5-year transition period, starting at the end of 2019, to allow the new scheme to mature.  All students currently on the DTOEES scheme, or joining it in September 2019, will be assured continuity of their education for the full duration of their time in the current DTOEES Scheme.


The new STEM graduate scheme has inherent flexibility that will allow Defence to meet the future technological demands placed upon it more quickly.  It will offer better value for money to the taxpayer and enable the MOD to award a range of scholarships and bursaries to attract high quality STEM graduates.

The Ministry of Defence will work with the Department for Education and other stakeholders to seek the continued use of the College site as a centre for education or possibly for future use by Defence.