STEM Outreach Visit to McLaren Automotive

On Monday, March 2nd, nine year 13 students and five DTUS students from Loughborough University had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to visit the McLaren Technology Centre in Woking as part of the college’s STEM outreach day.

The day started with presentation and talk from an ex Welbexian, Molly Naldrett, about her role as Senior Logistics Engineer, and from Mark Wilson, the head of recruitment for McLaren Automotive. We then went onto the boulevard, where there are an amazing range of cars from various moments in McLaren’s history. We were lucky enough for Molly to show us the car that Bruce McLaren won his first race in, and also showed us the trophy he won in that race.

We visited the McLaren Production Centre, where we saw the new Speedtail in production. As many of us had watched the Top Gear episode in which the Speedtail raced the F35, we were understandably in awe of the engineering behind the car as well as the beautiful sleek look that McLaren spend so much time designing. Alongside the Speedtail, we saw some of the other cars on the production line, and Molly showed us some of the custom paint jobs on the cars.

To finish off the day, we returned back to the boardroom in which we started and had some lunch. This lunch transitioned into a really useful session where we were given advice by Molly and Mark and the Lieutenant Commander Torbet about our careers and ways in which to tackle the challenges of the future.

We all learnt a lot from the visit, and felt very privileged to be able to see inside the headquarters of such an iconic British brand. I’m sure that it has given us all ideas of careers we could have after we leave the military, especially within the automotive sector.

Written by Sophie Botham and Ella Senior

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