Pastoral Care

The boarding house system and all aspects of pastoral care are overseen by the Vice-Principal Pastoral.  He is also the designated senior person with responsibility for safeguarding.

Boarding at Welbeck is an ideal preparation for life at university and in the armed services beyond. Although the vast majority of students are new to boarding, they settle very quickly into the Welbeck way of life and derive tremendous benefits from living and learning with students who share the common goal of pursuing a career in the military. Although they come from a wide variety of backgrounds our students share many personal interests beyond the military such as a passion for sports and the outdoor life. Many say that friends made here at Welbeck will be friends for life.

Each boarding house is managed by two qualified house parents who provide the highest standards of care. The house parents are assisted by a team of tutors (normally members of the academic or the military staff) who are responsible for a tutor group within the house. A dedicated team of boarding house assistants and domestic support staff attend to the day to day domestic needs of the students and they too have an important role to play in the delivery of pastoral care.

We also have a visiting counsellor who is available to support any students who may wish to make an appointment with her during term time.  The College Padre who is the Rector of our local parish also visits the College on a weekly basis to provides another source of pastoral support.