Welbeck Defence Sixth Form College offers a first-class education that is exceptional value for money.  There are two fee structures at Welbeck one for sponsored students and one for Private students.

The majority of students at Welbeck are sponsored by the Ministry of Defence.  For these students the MOD pays the tuition fees and the boarding and maintenance fees are means tested based on the  household income of the students main residence.  These fees are referred to as the Parental Contributions.

Private students will pay a flat rate termly fee. 

Additional Charges

Additionally, all parents are required to pay the College termly contributions for extras that are required for the students. This is not means tested. Indicative costs are provided below:

Termly Charges Item
£5.00 Personal Accident (Incorporating Emergency Dental) Insurance

Laptop Insurance cover for accidental damage and theft for laptops provided by the College for the students' duration at Welbeck is provided by the college.  There is however an excess charge of £50 per claim applied.

£25.00 CCF Subs (for external activity expenditure e.g. camps, exercise
training etc)
£45.00 House Funds (payable to each house to cover House activities
provided for students e.g. trips, theatre, outings etc)
£10.50 Student Socials
£5.04 Issued Kit and Personal Possessions Insurance

Examples of other one-off items which are charged by the College include:

Charge Item
£41.36 4 shirts at £10.34 each (charged for in the first term of each academic year)
£18.23 Skirt / Trousers (charged for in the first term only, one is also provided by the College)
£10.00 President’s Dinner (charged for at the end of the Upper Sixth Term)
£24.00 UCAS (One-off fee payable to UCAS applicable to upper sixth students only)
£3.50 - £7.50 Transport provision: Exeats and half term breaks (coaches to local rail station)
(Amount dependant upon student uptake)
£45 Graduation Ball
£75 Registration fee for Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) level 3 Award in leadership.

Please be advised that all costs quoted above are subject to change. Therefore additional costs maybe incurred.