2018 ISI Report

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) inspection of the College in February 2018 affirmed the quality of education and pastoral care at Welbeck – The Defence Sixth Form College.  This was a Compliance Inspection which reported on the College’s compliance with the Independent School Standards Regulations and the National Minimum Standards for boarding schools; the standards represent minimum requirements and judgements can only be given as ‘met’ or as ‘not met’ so the report contains no qualitative judgements.  In reaching these decisions the Inspectors simply decide whether we comply with the raft of legislation that applies to schools, and in doing so they not only consider the policies themselves, but more importantly how these are implemented in the College’s day to day practice. The Report states that in each of the areas and across a large number of requirements and regulations, covering everything from the Curriculum to Health and Safety, Recruitment to Governance, Boarding to Safeguarding, the Inspectors found that the College complied with every element and there were no recommendations for the College to do anything differently. 

The Principal, Peter Middleton, commented that ‘standing still is moving backwards, and we will continue to modify what we do in order to provide the highest levels of care and academic rigour for all our students.  Rest assured that we will continue to look for ways of ensuring that the quality of every area of the College remains at the highest possible standard.  We are also pleased that this Report recognises that our A Level results in years 2014 – 2016 have been above the national average for sixth-form maintained schools; national data for 2017 examinations does not exist so there are no comparators for ISI at this time.’

2018 ISI Inspection Report