Principal's Welcome

Welbeck - The Defence Sixth Form College is a full boarding co-educational college, funded by the Ministry of Defence (MOD). It offers an A level education to young people who wish to follow a career as a technical or engineering officer within the armed forces or as a civilian with the MOD. Our students will go on to study a degree at a partner university and receive an annual bursary before starting their career with their chosen service.

The pages of a website can only hint at what a College is really like; it is people, values and relationships that matter more than glossy pictures or expansive text.  I hope, however that these pages will give an insight into Welbeck – The Defence Sixth Form College and of the purpose, drive and sheer excitement of our unique Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) focused A level education.

At Welbeck you will find: high expectations; a balanced curriculum, that challenges, inspires and develops; committed and enthusiastic teachers; House staff dedicated to ensuring that their students are happy and successful; an ethos that develops moral integrity, responsibility and a genuine sense of service; and care for each and every individual.  This ethos develops the individual and reinforces values that will prepare them for their future careers. 

Two years at Welbeck are not long.  The College is committed to creating an environment where young men and young women grow in self-confidence, thrive academically and make the most of the many opportunities on offer.  We pride ourselves on the collective pursuit of excellence.  Every experience needs to make a difference, and will form part of a journey that shapes the lives of our students. 

Almost all of our students are pre-selected by the Ministry of Defence (MOD), and after Welbeck, university and initial officer training, will follow careers as technical officers within the Royal Navy, Army, Royal Air Force  or the MOD Civil Service.  Students come from all over the United Kingdom and from a wide variety of backgrounds, and means testing ensures that a Welbeck education is accessible to all MOD applicants.  The small number of Welbeck Private Students are an integral part of the College and many will follow a career in the armed forces.

After their first visit to Welbeck, there are three things that people often say to me – how impressive and motivated the students are, how distinctive the College is and what an outstanding opportunity Welbeck and the Defence Technical Officer and Engineer Entry Scheme (DTOEES) presents.   My expectation of all students is that they strive to become the best possible version of themselves – so that they leave after two years at the College without regret, having challenged themselves and having achieved goals and aspirations that they could once only have dreamed of.

Peter Middleton