Academic requirements for remaining on the Scheme

In order that students in the Defence Technical Officer and Engineer Entry Scheme (DTOEES) are able to meet the requirements of their sponsoring Service, from January 2018 students who commence the Scheme at Welbeck DSFC will be expected to achieve the minimum academic standards detailed below;  in the event that there is any uncertainty regarding these requirements then the Head DTOEES’s decision will be final.  Students who do not meet these requirements and leave the Scheme will be offered support by DTOEES and their sponsoring Service in finding alternative career pathways within Defence.

 Welbeck DSFC

  • Transition from Year 12 into Year 13

Minimum of two E grades (of which one must be in Maths or Physics) and a minimum of 18 UCAS points must be achieved in AS Level examinations taken at the end of the Year 12. 

Failure to achieve these grades will result in a student being required to leave Welbeck before entering Year 13 and detaching from the DTOEES Scheme.

  • Transition from Year 13 into university within DTUS

In order to transition from Year 13 into the Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme (DTUS) students must attain a minimum of 72 UCAS points and gain a place on a DTUS approved Honours degree course.  UCAS points must be accrued from a maximum of three A or AS level qualifications (at least two of these must be A levels); any AS qualifications used should be in different subject areas to the A levels. 

Failure to achieve either of these requirements will result in a student being required to detach from the DTOEES Scheme.  Note: all master's degree courses must be approved prior to application - please see below.

 Defence Technical Undergraduate Scheme

  • Annual assessments and progression through DTUS

Students are expected to satisfy all university assessments and criteria that enable continuation into the next academic year of study. 

If students fail to satisfy these requirements then they may, on a case-by-case basis be permitted to repeat that year; however, they will not receive bursary funding for the repeated year.  If they subsequently pass the repeated year then they can continue on the Scheme and will receive a bursary for each of the remaining years at university.  

Students who fail more than one academic year of the degree course will not be permitted to remain on the DTOEES Scheme. 

  • Honours Degree requirements of the single Services

DE&S students are expected to graduate with a minimum of a 2:2 honours degree in order to continue onto the MOD Graduate Scheme.  All other DTUS students are expected to graduate with the minimum of a third class honours degree.

  • Master’s Degree Courses

Students at Welbeck or DTUS may apply for master’s degree course subject to approval by DTOEES HQ and their sponsoring Service; permission will not be granted automatically.  Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis; this will include assessment of the requirements of the sponsoring Service at the time of application, academic performance and potential and the individual’s personal qualities.