Learning Resource Centre

The Learning Resource Centre (LRC) is open 7 days a week for a total of 77 hours.  We provide space for teaching and learning, meeting for group work as well as intensive studying during quiet prep in the evenings.  On occasions we will host and support charity events in the LRC.  

Students have access to magazines (both academic and leisure), daily newspapers, non-fiction resources, novels, extensive university and military career resources and a collection of DVDs.  We have networked computers and network points available for students to plug in their College laptops.  Through our services you can access the online catalogue, Heritage and e-resources 24/7, request an Inter Library Loan if we do not own a particular item and use photocopying and scanning facilities.  The audio-visual room can be booked by students who wish to make full use of the facilities to work on their presentation skills. 

We recognise that supporting independent learning creates life-long learners.  Research and information skills workshops are on offer to enable you to use information in a variety of formats effectively, critically and ethically.  Effective techniques for research and referencing means that our students are very well prepared for the demands of independent study here and later at university. 

Regular promotion of new fiction and non-fiction, displays, pathfinders and recommended reading lists help to encourage students to extend their reading habits.  Through our LRC services we actively encourage reading for pleasure and organise events to promote and celebrate reading and learning.