Military Facilities

As The Defence Sixth Form College, Welbeck has a range of military facilities permanently based on site. These include:

  • Obstacle Course: Standard class B military obstacle course with seven obstacles. Obstacles consist of: a gate vault; high wall; two ditches; low wall; wall with window opening; cat walk and confidence jump.
  • Air Rifle Range: An area of the College grounds has been marked out for the safe use of air rifle shooting. Shooting is conducted during CCF training. The College owns six bolt action magazine fed air rifles. 
  • Command Tasks: The College has four purpose built command tasks for use during CCF training and leadership development. All of the tasks have been designed so that they can be used in a variety of ways and there is no standard solution to any of the tasks. As well as there being a variety of scenarios for each task there is also an abundance of different equipment for each task. In addition the college has a large amount of barrels, ropes, planks and tyres etc to build and run several different smaller command tasks around the College grounds.
  • Armoury: Purpose built armoury used for the secure storage of L98A2 Cadet Rifles.
  • Stores: Fully stocked stores with sufficient kit to deploy 180 students on Exercise. Equipped with cadet rucksacks, webbing, helmets and complete sleeping systems. Other items for use include Motorola radios, tentage and compasses. Clothing issued to Service Standard including No2s or single service equivalent and Blues.