STEM Education

science, technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM)

Why are STEM A levels important?

In an ever increasingly technological world, the Ministry of Defence need to ensure that they are able to meet the demanding technical requirements of the armed forces.  The United Kingdom currently has a shortage of STEM skills, so demand for graduates with STEM degrees is fierce.   Welbeck - The Defence Sixth Form College has been purpose built with the facilities, curriculum and staff to fully support students aiming to gain a place on Engineering and Technical degree courses.    

By their very nature, STEM A level subjects such as Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Design Engineering, Computing and Maths help students to develop transferable skills which will support them in their future studies and careers.

Theses skill include:

  • Mathematical skills for calculations and measurements
  • Critical thinking skills -break down complex ideas into smaller parts
  • Recognising the relationship between cause and effect and defend a position based on facts not opinion
  • Analytical skills – determine good reliable sources of information, conduct research and predict and draw conclusions
  • Problem solving skills - identify and troubleshoot the source of a problem and develop solutions
  • Accuracy and attention to detail, record data accurately and write and follow instructions
  • Read and understand technical materials
  • Become familiar with the use and repair of equipment and software
  • The ability to think outside the box by developing new ideas and way’s of approaching a problem
  • Organisational skills to keep track of data, develop project plans, and manage time.
  • Communication and Teamwork skills

The co-curricular activities on offer at Welbeck work to support, nurture and reinforce these skills in practice through a programme of personal development and leadership training.